Started twisting wrenches for a living and racing back in 1967.

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Call before you haul !



361-578-2619 or 800-794-2619

Due to heavy service loads, please call ahead and make an appointment before you haul your machine for routine maintenance  as space is limited. This is a win/win for both of us as we can do a faster turn-around! If you have a brake down, call and lets come up with a plan to get you up and running again. Thanks/David Bosart.


Victoria Cycle Shop/Bosart's Polaris also offers full service for the new and used products sold. This includes regular maintenance, tune-ups, overhauls, computer diagnostic testing, upgrade designs, trouble shooting, custom cylinder boring, complete restoration, 3 angle valve jobs, heliarc welding, lathe/mill machining, starter rebuilding, wheel lacing/truing, dirt track testing, safety/beginner training, and free advice. Our trained, experienced mechanics will keep your machine in top running condition.

We are the most complete service center in the Crossroads area to keep you running strong. Since 1967 helps us give you the expert service. We offer on-site dirt track testing to check safety, performance, and insure quality. Over 150 years of in-house experience to help you design and engineer your wants and needs. Become DISCOUNT CLUB MEMBERS when you buy a new Polaris or Hyosung and get discount on parts and labor and priority service. WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL! Call before you haul.

                                         MAINTENANCE TIPS

  1. Always check the engine oil every time you refuel or before a long ride, as there is no warning of low oil.
  2. Never carry fuel in rear storage area, as it could leak on to the exhaust and catch fire.
  3. Do a walk around before you ride and take a glance at the condition of you machine.
  4. Check tire pressure daily.
  5. Never pressure wash unit, as water will get into areas, due to high pressure.
  6. First service of your machine is 25 hours, then every 75 hours or once a year. In extreme use, service more often.
  7. Inspect the radiator for blockage, more often when in high grass or muddy conditions, wash with garden nozzle, then blow with air.
  8. Insect CV axle rubber boots, more so when running the brush, (look for grease on boots which is a sign of a tear) must be replaced if torn to save axle.
  9. Refuel before 1/4 tank level, as fuel keeps the intake pump cool and air can enter the pump, cause it to cavitate and is hard on the pump. 
  10. If you have a service question, call us (361-578-2619)  or need to make a service appointment.


Ethanol causes problems like fuel hoses splits, leaks and attracts water. Star Tron can help/we sell it. We have developed a steel fuel intank pickup line for the Rangers with carburetors.


We offer a discount on mounting and balancing when you purchase your tires from Bosart's. Remember, bringing your mail order tires in to be mounted is like going to McDonald's and asking them to cook the egg you brought in from some discount chicken.

New tires have a coating of silicone on them that is slick, which will cause a loss of traction at first. We recommend to ride through the grass and dirt (watch out for chickens) to help get this coating off. Also your new tire will grow about 2-3% in the first week after mounting, so the air pressure will drop 2-3%, so check air pressure (cold) and fasteners again after a week and regularly there after.