Diamond"C"Trailers. These are the finest trailers I've seen. So many features and benefits with quality to boot. Check these out below, go to www.diamondctrailers.com and drop by to have a look see!

  • Made in the USA/You know why this is good!
  • Byfold tailgate/Ease of use and low wind drag and fuel effeciant!
  • We add 2 lift springs to the tailgate/Easy to lift!
  • 4 ATV tie down brackets/No sliding and won't come unhooked!
  • Wiring inclosed in metal conduit/Won't get ripped off!
  • Al-ko cambered axles/USA made to track straight and long tire life!
  • Grease zirt on axle/Long life for wheel bearings,hubs and axles!
  • Bolt on tongue jack/Easy replacement if bent!
  • Bolt in not welded flooring/Top of frame can be painted and easy board replacement!
  • Wolmanized #2 or better treated wood floor with 5/16" instead of 1/4"/Longger life!
  • 1 primer and 2 top coat of Valspar Supreme Acrylic paint/Retains it's gloss for double the time!
  • Fender rock guard/Prevent rocks from chiping paint and then rust outs!
  • Low profile tongue/Easy to step over!
  • Safety chains hangers/Keeps chains out of dirt and ant hills!
  • Safety chain spring loaded hooks/Prevent unwanted disconnects!
  • Pipe rail is standard/Stronger and better looks!
  • Top pipe rail ends are machine rolled/No caps to loose or open spider or bee holes!
  • Bright orange pigtail wire covering/Good reminder to plug-in lights and protecter!
  • Grinding and sanding of corner/Better finish and safety!
  • New TrailStar ST or LT 6ply tires properly rated to the GAWR of the model/The right way and fit!
  • Welding done by a single person/Accountability and quality control!
  • Grease able 3500 lb axles.
  • 6 Ply new tires on 15" rims.